Simply Giving

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church – Generosity Made Easy

The Simply Giving® Program is an automated stewardship program that helps members live generously. It’s a convenient, safe and simple way for individuals to make automatic payments to nonprofit organizations through electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from checking or savings accounts. Thrivent Federal Credit Union has contracted with industry leader Vanco Services, LLC to provide electronic payment processing services at reduced rates—so your generosity goes further.

The Simply Giving® Program endorsed by Thrivent Federal Credit Union helps your church reap the cost-saving benefits of using automatic payments through electronic funds transfer (EFT) providing reliable, timely revenue throughout the year.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

In terms of the Simply Giving® Program, this is a preauthorized recurring electronic transfer of funds from your account to the church that is authorized by you.

There are many different ways you can do EFTs – from savings, checking, credit card and debit card accounts.

Steady and uninterrupted donations mean:

  • Financial Stability – Dollars our church can count on throughout the year.
  • Reduced Volunteer time – Funds are deposited directly into our church’s account.
  • Safer and easier for you– No more forgotten checkbooks, lost or misplaced checks.


 How It Works

  1. Our church is enrolled with Vanco Services, LLC, the company that operates the Simply Giving Program. We have a number of members that already use the program and are very happy with it.
  2. New Church Family Members are able to sign up for the Simply Giving Program by filling out a registration form and giving it to the Financial Secretary. Forms are available in the Narthex.
  3. Participants’ electronic gifts or payments are automatically withdrawn from their checking or savings accounts on the pre-authorized transfer date.
  4. The funds are deposited in Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church’s bank account.
  5. Members can change the amount of their offering easily.
  6. Offering envelopes can still be used simply by writing electronic deposit on it.