January’s ‘Witness’: Magazine on a ‘Mission’

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The rise of the “Nones” is by now well documented. So, too, is an unprecedented decline in American religious observance. But what implications do these troubling trends have for us as Lutherans?

This question and others like it are at the heart of The Lutheran Witness’s Epiphany issue, “Light for All Nations,” which examines a range of topics relating to missions and evangelism.

Learn from the Rev. Dr. Mark Wood (director of LCMS Witness & Outreach Ministry) about how the Apostles’ Creed informs personal evangelism; get to know Theodore Naether, the first overseas LCMS missionary; hear about how one missionary church planter is sharing the Gospel in an unreached corner of Albuquerque; and discover what it truly means to be “Lutheran and unashamed.” 

Start to finish, readers of this witness-themed Witness will encounter faith, courage, conviction — and the assurance that, as the Rev. Dr. Victor Raj puts it, “In the Church, ministry and mission always go together.”

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Posted Jan. 10, 2019

Source: LCMS News