In Memoriam (June/July 2019)

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             Obituary information is provided by district offices to the Synod’s Office of Rosters and Statistics. Any questions about content should be referred, therefore, to the appropriate district office. — Ed.


BEHRMANN, FREDERICK W. JR. REV., March 2, 1924, The Grove, Texas, to Feb. 1, 2019, Pleasant Hill, Calif.; son of Rev. Frederick Sr. and Pauline (Gerken) Behrmann; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1949.  Served 1949-1989.  Ministries/Parishes: Seaside, Gresham, Ore.; Concord, Manteca, Calif.  Retired 1989. Preceded in death by his wife Frieda (Meuniet) Behrmann; son: John; daughter: Deborah Burman.  Survivors: Virginia (Georgulas) Behrmann; son: James; daughter: Kristin Cary.  Memorial Service: March 9, 2019, Concord, Calif.

CHAMBERLAIN, DAVID W. REV., Oct. 25, 1935, Peterborough, N.H., to Feb. 27, 2019, Salem, Ore.; son of E.G. Chamberlain; graduated Springfield Seminary 1969.  Served 1969-1970, 1979-2008.  Ministries/Parishes: Kent, Wash.; Bend, Klamath Falls, Walport, Eugene, Ore.  Retired 2009. Survivors: Jean Chamberlain and 9 children.  Funeral: March 4, 2019, Salem, Ore.

EBS, DAVID WILLIAM REV., Aug. 25, 1932, Sheboygan, Wis., to March 9, 2019 San Antonio, Texas; son of William and Anita (Roska) Ebs; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1957.  Served 1957-1994.  Ministries/Parishes: Calumet Park, Decatur, Vandalia, Ill.; Los Angeles, Calif.; San Antonio, Texas; Texas District Circuit Visitor 1994-1997. Retired 1994.  Preceded in death by his wife Dorothy (Folkers) Ebs.  Survivors: Nancy (Zachgo) Ebs; son: William; daughter: Karen Hobbs.  Memorial Service: March 22, 2019, San Antonio, Texas.

HILMER, RONALD PAUL REV., Oct. 6, 1938, Kimmswick, Mo., to March 3, 2019, St. Louis, Mo.; son of Paul and Lorraine (Blank) Hilmer; Colloquy 1970.  Served 1970-2000.  Ministries/Parishes: Brussels, Collinsville, Maryville, Ill.; St. Louis, Mo.  Retired 2000.  Preceded in death by his wife Virginia Bone; son: Donald; daughter: Rebeccah.  Survivors: Margaret (Todd) Hilmer. sons: Donald, Jonathan; daughter: Lorri Hackett; step-son: Jimmie; step-daughters: Andrea Schneider, Lisa Van Buren.  Funeral: March 8, 2019, Ballwin, Mo.; Interment: March 8, 2019, Collinsville, Ill.

HENDRIX, ROBERT C. REV., Jan. 27, 1958, Everett, Wash., to March 12, 2019, Independence, Ohio; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1984.  Served 1984-2019.  Ministries/Parishes: Kalispell, Mont.; Everett, Wash.; Independence, Ohio.  Survivors: Linda Hendrix; sons: Jonathan, Timothy, Christopher.  Funeral and Interment: March 18, 2019, Independence, Ohio.

HU, JOSEPH S. REV., June 28, 1927, Loyang, Honan, China, to Feb. 20, 2019, New River, Ariz.; son of Hwa-Ying and Chang Hu. Colloquy 1961.  Served 1961-1977, 1979-1981.  Ministries/Parishes: Gurley, Polk, Gordon, Neb.; Yuma, Ariz.  Retired 1982.  Preceded in death by his wife Lillian (Chao) Hu.  Survivors: Carolyn Hu; sons: Samuel, David, Daniel, Timothy; daughter: Anna; step-sons: Timothy, Jeff; stepdaughters: Lori, Suzanne.  Funeral: March 1, 2019, Sun City, Ariz.

LEIDHOLDT, JAMES HOWARD REV., Jan. 17, 1931, Chippewa Falls, Wis., to March 12, 2019, Litchfield, Ill.; son of Carl and Sophie (Krueger) Leidholdt; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1958.  Served 1958-1992. Ministries/Parishes: Appleton, Alberta, Minn.; Canton, Moundridge, Kan.; Farrar, Crosstown, Mo.; Mt. Olive, Ill.; Southern Illinois District Circuit Visitor 1984-1986; Missouri District Circuit Visitor 1979-1980.  Retired 1993.  Survivors: Harriet (Lowen) Leidholdt; sons: Stephen, David; daughter: Karen Wagner.  Funeral and Interment: March 16, 2019, Mt. Olive, Ill.

MISKIMEN, ROBERT IVAN REV., Oct. 25, 1925, Alliance, Neb., to March 10, 2019, Bella Vista, Ark.; son of Elmo and Lena (Panwitz) Miskimen; graduated Springfield Seminary 1952.  Served 1952-1986.  Ministries/Parishes: Council Bluffs, Cherokee, Iowa; Racine, Horicon, Wis.; Bella Vista, Ark.  Retired 1989.  Preceded in death by his wife Lois (Hoffmeyer) Miskimen.  Survivors: Fae Miskimen; sons: Robert, Carl.; daughters: Victoria Maaske, Carolyn Sayles, Elizabeth Jackson, Christine Kunzeman, Eunice Harris, Karen, Grace.  Celebration of Life: March 15, 2019, Bella Vista, Ark.

REHM, MERLIN DALE REV., Nov. 27, 1931, Clatonia, Neb., to Feb. 4, 2019, Eastchester, N.Y.; son of Henry and Freda (Schachenmeyer) Rehm; graduated Thiensville Seminary 1959.  Served 1963-2014.  Ministries/Parishes: Belmont, Mass.; Bronxville, Scarsdale, N.Y.; English District Circuit Visitor 2000-2009.  Retired 2014.  Survivors: Lois (Quandt) Rehm; sons: Theodore, Christian.  Funeral: Feb. 9, 2019, Bronxville, N.Y.; Interment: Feb. 9, 2019, Valhalla, N.Y.

SCHILLINGER, GILBERT HENRY REV., April 8, 1937, Big Rapids, Mich., to May 13, 2018, St. Petersburg, Fla.; colloquy 1982.  Served 1982-2000, 2002-2008.  Ministries/Parishes: Elk Hart, Indianapolis, Ind.; Arlington Heights, Ill.; South Euclid, Napoleon, Ohio.; Lehigh Acres, Fla.  Retired 2008.  Survivors: Barbara (Dressler) Schillinger; sons: John, James, Jerry.  Celebration of Life: May 27, 2018, St. Petersburg, Fla.

STROUP, WILLIAM E. JR. REV., July 11, 1947, Carpentersville, Ill., to March 12, 2019, Algonquin, Ill.; son of William Sr. and June (Weseman) Stroup; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 2001.  Served 2001-2014.  Ministry/Parish: Algonquin, Ill.; Northern Illinois District Circuit Visitor 2007-2013.  Retired 2014.  Survivors: Sue (Ackemann) Stroup; daughters: Laura Arnold, Emily Van Puyenbroeck.  Funeral: March 16, 2019, Algonquin, Ill.

WALK, KERMIT H. REV., Jan. 17, 1933, Cleveland, Wis., to March 20, 2019, Beecher, Ill.; son of Gustave and Viola (Kuester) Walk. Graduated Springfield Seminary 1966.  Served 1966-1967, 1981-1986, 1996-1999.  Ministries/Parishes: East Troy, Wis.; Glencoe, Northlake, Westchester, Ill.  Retired 2011. Cremation.

ZABEL, RICHARD LEE REV., April 1, 1947, Atchison, Kan., to March 6, 2019, San Angelo, Texas; son of Arthur and Lorinda (Rabe) Zabel; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1973.  Served 1973-1995, 1999-2007.  Ministries/Parishes: Meade, Wichita, Kan.; Ft. Ord, Calif.; Heilbronn, Baumholder, Stuttgart, Germany; Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.; Ft. Bliss, Texas.  Retired 2008.  Survivors: Cheryl (Voshell) Zabel; son: Adam; daughters: Holly Stoval, Jennifer Gonzalez.  Funeral and Interment: March 15, 2019, Wichita, Kan.


FREUDENBURG, CURTIS C., July 14, 1937, Farrar, Mo., to Feb. 25, 2019, Bay City, Mich.; son of Carl and Esther (Niermeier) Freudenburg; graduated Seward 1960.  Served 1960-2002.  School/Ministry: Bay City, Mich.; Retired 2002.  Survivors: Sue (Compton) Freudenburg; son: David: daughter: Carla Connors.  Funeral and Interment: March 2, 2019, Bay City, Mich.

HOERAUF, NORMAN A., March 15, 1931, Bay City, Mich., to March 19, 2019 Solomons, Md.; graduated River Forest 1953.  Served 1953-1994.  Schools/Ministries: Grand Rapids, Mich.; Baltimore, Hyattsville, Md.  Retired 1994.  Survivors: Marie (Schmidt) Hoerauf; sons: Randall, Robert, David, Donald; daughter: Gail.  Funeral: March 30, 2019, Huntingtown, Md.

HOFFMANN, RONALD ALFRED, May 2, 1931, Minneapolis, Minn., to Jan. 16, 2019, St, Charles, Ill.; son of Alfred and Adele (Am End) Hoffmann; graduated Seward 1956.  Served 1956-1986.  School/Ministry: St. Charles, Ill.  Retired 1986.  Survivors: Ruth (Ostermann) Hoffmann; sons: Mark, Robert, Thomas.  Funeral: January 21, 2019, Batavia, Ill.; Interment: Jan. 21, 2019, Elwood, Ill.

ROGGATZ, GEORGE RANDALL, Aug. 25, 1929, Elk River, Minn., to Feb. 20, 2019, Troy, Mich.; son of William and Ida (Keen) Roggatz; graduated Seward 1951.  Served 1951-1994.  Schools/Ministries: Lowden, Iowa; Long Prairie, Mayer, Minn.; Macomb, Mich.  Retired 1994.  Preceded in death by his wife Bonita (Gamn) Roggatz.  Survivors: sons: Jon, Timothy; daughters: Beckie, Patricia.  Memorial Service: Feb. 23, 2019, Romeo, Mich.; Interment: Feb. 23, 2019, Rochester Hills, Mich.

ROHR, SHARON KAY (STUCKWISCH), Oct.19, 1948, Seymour, Ind., to Feb. 13, 2019, Seymour, Ind.; daughter of Harold and Myrtle (Wehrkamp) Stuckwisch; graduated River Forest 1970.  Served 1973-2014.  Retired 2014.  Preceded in death by her husband Frank Rohr.  Survivors: son: Matthew; daughter: Rachel Klostermann.  Funeral and Interment: Feb. 18, 2019, Seymour, Ind.

TRINKLEIN, JOAN JOYCE (MEYERHOFF), July 15, 1934, Readlyn, Iowa, to Jan. 3, 2019, Marietta, Ga.; graduated River Forest 1955.  Served 1973-1996. School/Ministry: Marietta, Ga.  Retired 1996.  Survivors: Roland Trinklein.  Funeral: Jan. 6, 2019, Marietta, Ga.



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