In Memoriam (June/July 2018)

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            Obituary information is provided by district offices to the Synod’s Office of Rosters and Statistics. Any questions about content should be referred, therefore, to the appropriate district office. — Ed. 


BRACK, DALTON ORLETT REV., Feb. 23,1923, Albert, Kan., to Feb. 19, 2018, Sioux Falls S.D.; son of Phillip and Susanna Brack; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1946. Served 1946-1987. Ministries/Parishes: Norton, Kan.; Otto, Texas; Gettysburg, Agar, Hovins, Onida, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Lynwood, Pacific Beach, Calif.; South Dakota District Circuit Visitor 1989-1990. Preceded in death by his wife Victoria (Keiser) Brack. Survivors: son: Luther; daughters: Rochelle Albrecht, Roberta Kaufman. Funeral and Interment: Feb. 24, 2018, Sioux Falls, S.D.

HAENFTLING, FREDERICK JAMES REV., Aug. 25, 1937, Oakland, Md., to Feb. 27, 2018, North Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; son of Urban and Blanche (Bernard) Haenftling; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1964. Served 1964-1999. Ministries/Parishes: Gowanstown, Mt. Forest, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; S. Charleston, W. Va.; Napoleon, Ohio; Gaylord, Mich. Retired 1999. Preceded in death by his son Patrick. Survivors: Phyllis (Nerber) Haenftling; sons: Rev. Peter, Paul, Timothy. Funeral: March 3, 2018, Wilkes-Barre, Pa; Interment: March 3, 2018, Dallas, Pa.

MEYER, PAUL ADOLF REV., July 1, 1930, New York, N.Y., to Jan. 23, 2018, Concord, Calif.; son of Rev. Adolf and Ione (Zuhlke) Meyer; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1955. Served 1955-1996. Ministries/Parishes: River Forest, Arlington Heights, Ill.; Franconia, Va.; Walnut Creek, Calif. Retired 1996. Survivors: Catherine (Schaar) Meyer; son: Paul; daughter: Maria Mord. Memorial Service: Feb. 24, 2018, Walnut Creek, Calif.

NACK, ARTHUR RICHARD REV., Oct. 2, 1927, Sheboygan, Wis., to Feb. 20, 2018, Columbia, Mo.; son of Arthur and Paulina (Prabst) Nack; graduated Springfield Seminary 1954. Served 1954-1957, 1960-1983, 1986-1992. Ministries/Parishes: Pasco, Wash; Hinckley, Brook Park, Minn.; Modena, Gilmanton, Turtle Lake, Clayton, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Retired: 1992. Preceded in death by his daughter Deborah. Survivors: Sue (Wendeln) Nack; daughters: Janet Richards, Mary Clark, Sarah Thieme. Funeral: Feb. 24, 2018, Columbia, Mo.

NATZKE, NORMAN F. REV., March 14, 1924, Corning, Wis., to March 8, 2018, Wausau, Wis.; son of William and Elsie (Schew) Natzke; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1948. Served 1948-1979. Ministries/Parishes: Stanley, Williston, Hanks, S.D.; Brighton, Montrose, Colo. Retired 1979. Preceded in death by his wife Eleanor (Harre) Natzke. Survivors: son: Andrew; daughters: Kathryn, Kristan Trounce. Funeral: March 14, 2018, Merrill, Wis.; cremation.

ONGSTAD, CHRIS DUANE REV., Aug. 21, 1953, Alma, Mich., to March 27, 2018; son of Duane and Mary (McClure) Ongstad; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1981. Served 1981-2018. Ministries/Parishes: Timmins, Ontario, Canada; Steubenville, Ohio; Alsip, Ill. SELC District Circuit Visitor 1991-1997. SELC District Third Vice President 2015-2018. Survivors: Joyce (Erickson) Ongstad; sons: Chad, Jonathan; daughter: Sarah Byrnes. Funeral: April 3, 2018, Alsip, Ill.; Interment: April 3, 2018, Lemont, Ill.

ROBERSON, RICHARD JAMES REV., April 23, 1933, Pittsburgh, Pa., to Aug. 13, 2017 Knoxville, Tenn.; son of Mary Schuchmann; graduated Springfield Seminary 1963. Served 1963-1978, 1980-1996. Ministries/Parishes: Boyd, Red Wing, Minn.; U.S. Army Chaplain; Albany, N.Y. Retired 1996. Preceded in death by his son David. Survivors: Linda (Holling) Roberson; son: Paul; daughters: Martha, Ruth.


GEISLER, RUTH ELIZABETH, March 14, 1948, Paris, Texas, to April 14, 2017, Calif.; daughter of Rev. John and Betty (Boetel) Geisler; graduated Seward 1970. Served 1970-2010. Schools/Ministries: Torrance, Lake Forest, Calif.; Saint Louis, Mo. Retired 2010. Funeral: April 22, 2017, Orange, Calif.

GOERES, GLENN WILLIAM, Feb. 19, 1950, Kenosha, Wis., to March 21, 2018, Springfield, Ill.; son of William and Dorothy (Krieb) Goeres; graduated River Forest 1972. Served: 1983-2016. Schools/Ministries: Champaign, Springfield Ill.; Rochester, Minn.; Elm Grove, Wis. Retired 2016. Survivors: Rhonda Goeres; son: Chris; daughter: Kimberly Schnelle.

HINRICHS, VANCE H., Dec. 8, 1930, to March 5, 2018; graduated Seward 1953. Served 1953-1982, 1994-1996. Schools/Ministries: Fargo, N.D.; Greeley, Colo.; Seward, Neb. Retired 1996. Survivors: Carol Hinrichs; sons: Michael, Blair, David, Lincoln, Paul, Auburn; daughters: Sue Krueger, Karen Hoger. Funeral and Interment: March 9, 2018, Seward, Neb.

HUMMEL, CLIFFORD WILLIAM, Jan. 27, 1947, Bristol, Conn., to Jan. 15, 2018, Rochester, N.Y.; son of Henry and Elise (Litke) Hummel; graduated River Forest 1970. Served: 1970-2011. Schools/Ministries: Pennsauken, N.J.; Towanda, Hilton N.Y. Retired 2011. Survivors: Lynne Hummel; sons: Todd, Chris; daughter: Lori. Funeral: Jan. 20, 2018, Towanda, N.Y.

IGOE, REBECCA ANN (CANNEHL), May 11, 1948, Jackson, Mich., to March 18, 2018, Arnold, Md.; daughter of Paul and Leah Cannehl; graduated River Forest 1970. Served 1991-2012. School/Ministry: Glen Burnie, Md. Retired 2012. Survivors: Thomas Igoe; son: Douglas; daughter: Jennifer Rundle. Funeral: March 23, 2018, Glen Burnie, Md.; Interment: March 23, 2018, Crownsville, Md.

LANDAVERDE, LINDA, December 31, 1954, to August 17, 2017, St. Paul, Minn.; graduated St. Paul 1997. Served: 1998-2009. School/Ministry: St. Paul, Minn. Retired 2013. Funeral: Aug. 26, 2017, St. Paul, Minn.; Interment: Aug. 26, 2017, Minneapolis, Minn.

PABST, LEROY WILLIAM, Nov. 14, 1942, Hannibal, Mo., to June 4, 2017, Downey, Calif.; son of George and Ruby Pabst; graduated from Seward 1964. Served 1964-2004. Schools/Ministries: Concordia, St. Ann, Mo.; Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Downey, Calif. Retired 2004. Survivors: Mary (Rennegarbe) Pabst; son: David; daughter: Susan Jennings. Funeral: June 10, 2017, Downey, Calif.

SCHMITT, KRISTINE EMILIE-JOYCE, March 5, 1951, Mt. Clemens, Mich., to Feb. 18, 2018, Imlay City, Mich.; daughter of Stanley and Shirley (Cloar) Halon; graduated Seward 1973. Served 1973-2013. Schools/Ministries: Pasadena, Texas; Eastpointe, Lapeer, Mich. Retired 2013. Survivors: Robert Schmitt; sons: Scott, Peter; daughter: Shawn McDonald, Heidi Judd, Katherine Caughel. Funeral and Interment: Feb. 24, 2018, Lapeer, Mich.

SPURGAT, FREDERICK AUGUST, Dec. 7, 1929, to Feb. 7, 2018; graduated River Forest 1952. Served 1952-1997. School/Ministry: River Forest, Ill. Retired 1997. Survivors: Eunice (Nuechterlein) Spurgat; daughters: Valerie Crone, Liam Wolf, Julie Novak. Funeral: Feb. 10, 2018, Chicago, Ill.

WESTPFAHL, BARBARA J., June 8, 1947, Clinton, Iowa, to July 16, 2017, St. Paul, Minn.; daughter of Lester and Dorothy Grim; graduated St. Paul 1972. Served 1985-2013. School/Ministry: St. Paul, Minn. Retired 2013. Survivors: Richard Westpfahl; son: Mark. Funeral: July 22, 2017, St. Paul, Minn.

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