In Memoriam (August 2018)

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            Obituary information is provided by district offices to the Synod’s Office of Rosters and Statistics. Any questions about content should be referred, therefore, to the appropriate district office. — Ed.



BAJUS, LUTHER J. REV., Oct. 15, 1927, St. Louis, Mo., to April 29, 2018, Norridge, Ill.; son of John and Louise (Palya) Bajus; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1953.  Served 1953-2018.  Ministries/Parishes: Lakefield, Minn.; Norridge, Ill.  Preceded in death by his wife Ann (Havir) Bajus.  Survivors: son: Luther II; daughter: Deborah Pelger. Funeral: May 3, 2018, Norridge, Ill.; Interment: May 3, 2018, Chicago, Ill.

BRENNAN, JOSEPH MICHAEL REV., Feb. 28, 1950, Chicago, Ill., to March 17, 2018, Arvada, Colo.; son of George and Norma (MacDonald) Brennan; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1991. Served 1991-2017. Ministries/Parishes: Pittsburgh, Pa.; Broomfield, Arvada, Colo. Retired 2017. Survivors: Nancy (Doesken) Brennan; sons: Dennis, Daniel, Timothy, Stephen. Funeral: March 22, 2018, Denver, Colo.; Interment: March 28, 2018, Denver, Colo.

BUNKOWSKE, EUGENE W. REV., July 3, 1935, Wescota, S.D., to March 27, 2018, Maplewood, Minn.; son of Rev. Walter and Ottille (Richter) Bunkowske; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1960.  Served 1960-2013.  Ministries/Parishes: Nigeria, Kenya, Africa; Ft. Wayne, Ind.; St. Paul, Minn. Retired 2013.  Survivors: Bernice (Bock) Bunkowske; sons: Walter, Joel; daughters: Barbara Sorge, Nancy Smith.  Memorial Service: April 7, 2018, Woodbury, Minn.

DETERDING, DAROLD WILLARD REV., July 26, 1935, Deshler, Neb., to April 9, 2018, Sulphur Springs, Texas; son of Willard and Ida (Sorge) Deterding; graduated Springfield Seminary 1966. Served 1966-1991. Ministries/Parishes: Meade, Andover, Kan.; Sebewaing, Mich. Retired 1991. Survivors: Willa Jean (Morales) Deterding; sons: Rev. Shawn, Rev. Curtis, Bryan, Clayton; daughters: Marilyn DeYoung, Rhonda Gonzalez. Funeral: April 25, 2018, Raymore, Mo.; Interment: April 25, 2018, Pleasant Hill, Mo.

DORN, PAUL C. REV., June 6, 1930, Chicago, Ill., to Aug. 2, 2017, Brookfield, Conn.; son of Rev. Theodore and Thekla (Frederking) Dorn; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1959.  Served 1959-1975, 1994-2000.  Ministries/Parishes: Harvel, Millstad, East Carondelet, Ill.; Enfield, Conn.; Southern Illinois District Circuit Visitor 1966. Retired 2000.  Preceded in death by his wife Gloria (Stocker) Dorn.  Survivors: daughters: Katherine Lewis, Elizabeth Trott, Carol.  Funeral: Sept. 30, 2017, Danbury, Conn.

EBERLE, RODEL JOSEPH REV., Feb. 1, 1923, Milwaukee, Wis., to Dec. 4, 2017, Spring Valley, Minn.; son of Joseph and Frances (Sell) Eberle; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1948.  Served 1948-1988.  Ministries/ Parishes: Carlos, Osakis, Bloomington, Wykoff, Minn.  Retired 1988.  Survivors: Gladys (Buelke) Eberle; sons: Mark, Paul, Jon; daughters: Sue Gorlish, Ruth, Nancy McCarty, Lori Volkart, Mary McGill.  Funeral and Interment: Dec. 9, 2017, Wykoff, Minn.

ELLERMANN, JOHN E. REV., Feb. 25, 1927, St. Louis, Mo., to May 3, 2018, Slidell, La.; son of Edwin and Dora (Beck) Ellermann; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1953.  Served 1953-1992.  Ministries/Parishes: New Orleans, Slidell, La.; Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Scottsboro, Ala. Southern District President 1970-1978.  Retired 1992.  Survivors: Elva (Boedeker) Ellermann; sons: Gary, Mark; daughters: Carol Novak, Nancy Jones.  Celebration of Life and Interment: May 12, 2018, Slidell, La.

ENGRAM, STANLEY E. SR. REV., March 21, 1961, Warrenton, Ga., to May 5, 2018, St. Louis, Mo. colloquy 2003.  Served 2003-2018. Ministry/Parish: St. Louis, Mo. Survivors: Patricia Engram.  Homegoing Service: May 12, 2018, St. Louis. Mo.

EVANS, JACK W. REV., Dec. 18, 1930, to April 1, 2018, Herndon, Pa.; son of John and Grace (Wahlen) Evans; graduated Springfield Seminary 1966. Served 1966-1971, 1974-1990. Ministries/Parishes: Munson, Pa.; Silver Creek, N.Y.; Excelsior Springs, La Grange, Mo. Retired 1990. Survivors: Lois (Lawson) Evans; son: Timothy; daughter: Ruth Hill. Funeral: April 4, 2018, Danville, Pa.

KEBSCHULL, ALLEN C. REV., Oct. 4, 1932, Chicago, Ill., to March 13, 2018, Pompton Plains, N.J.; son of Emil and Edna (Hermann) Kebschull; graduated Springfield Seminary 1967.  Served 1967-1997.  Ministries/Parishes: Detroit, Mich.; Greensboro, N.C.; Bronxville, Manhattan, Williston Park, N.Y.  Retired 1997.  Survivors: Anita (Albers) Kebschull; sons: Martin, Kurt; daughters: Heidi, Krista, Elise.  Memorial Service: April 21, 2018, Bronxville, N.Y.

KENITZ, TERRY WILLIAM REV., Sept. 6, 1946, Detroit, Mich., to April 25, 2018, Middleville, Mich.; son of Earl and Maurine (Jacoby) Kenitz; graduated Ft. Wayne 1990.  Served 1990-2018.  Ministries/Parishes: Clare, Alma, Middleville, Mich.; Ponca, Neb.  Preceded in death by his wife Wanda Kenitz.  Survivors: sons: Allan, Martin; daughters: Debbie Robb, Vanessa Sargent, Kimberly Persyn.  Funeral: April 28, 2018, Middleville, Mich.

KNOTEK, JAMES HOWARD REV., Nov. 14, 1930, Milwaukee, Wis., to April 20, 2018, Wildomar, Calif.; son of John and Lillian (Selle) Knotek; graduated Springfield Seminary 1969.  Served 1969-1995.  Ministries/Parishes: North Edwards, Tehachapi, Capistrano Beach, Huntington Beach, Lake Elsinore, Calif.  Retired 1995.  Preceded in death by his wife Ruth (Brown) Knotek.  Survivors: Monique Knotek; son: Keith; daughter: Cindy.  Funeral: April 28, 2018, Temecula, Calif.

KROHN, PAUL E. REV., Aug. 3, 1924, Herman, Neb., to Feb. 11, 2018, Farmington, Minn.; son of Emil and Louise (Wittmann) Krohn; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1949.  Served 1949-1990.  Ministries/Parishes: Maplewood, La.; Decatur, Ala.; Lincoln, Neb.; Bismarck, N.D.  Retired 1990.  Survivors: son: Lou; daughter: Judith.  Funeral: Feb. 24, 2018, Lakeville, Minn.

KRUEGER, CARL ARTHUR REV., March 1, 1947, Portage, Wis., to Sept. 11, 2017, Fall River, Mass. Son of Margaret Krueger; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1973.  Served 1973-1999.  Ministries/Parishes: Fulton, Schenectady, N.Y.; Hanover, Hingham, Mass.; Upper St. Clair, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Meriden, Conn.  Retired 1999.  Survivors: Nancy (Loehner) Krueger; son: Aaron; daughter: Amy.  Memorial Service: Sept. 23, 2017, Meriden, Conn.

LAPP, ORLEN, W. REV., Sept. 14, 1933, Stevensville, Ontario, Canada, to April 15, 2018, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada; son of Stanley and Anna (Bacher) Lapp; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1958. Served 1958-2015. Ministries/Parishes: North Bay, Magnetawan, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Retired 2015. Survivors: Roberta (McKinney) Lapp; sons: Jonathan, David; daughters: Charissa Moss, Sarah. Funeral and Interment: April 20, 2018, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

MERDINYAN, WALLACE REV., March 5, 1925, Pawtucket, R.I., to Aug. 24, 2017, New London, Conn.; son of Ardashes and Jeanette (Ohlinger) Merdinyan; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1950.  Served 1950-1997.  Ministries/Parishes: Lake Parsippany, Boonton, Mountain Lakes, N.J.; New London, Conn.  Retired 1997.  Celebration of Life: Aug. 30, 2017, New London, Conn.

REESE, WALTER THEODORE REV., Jan. 22, 1927, Kennewick, Wash., to May 14, 2018, Mill Creek, Wash.; son of Theodore and Frieda (Freese) Reese; colloquy 1981.  Served 1981-1992, 2002-2003.  Ministries/Parishes: Madelia, Lake Crystal, Minn.; Prosser, Benton City, Wash. Northwest District Circuit Visitor 1994-1996.  Retired 2003. Preceded in death by his wives Arline (Botz) Reese, Lenora (Best) Reese and daughter Jennine.  Survivors: sons: Thomas, Kerry.  Funeral: May 19, 2018, Snohomish, Wash.; Interment: Kennewick, Wash.

SCHMIDT, PAUL Martin REV., June 7, 1930, Tinley Park, Ill., to March 26, 2018, Portland, Ore.; son of Walter and Gertrude (Hallerberg) Schmidt; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1955. Served 1955-1995. Ministries/Parishes: Bingen, Greenacres, Spokane, Wash.; Murray, Utah; Portland, Ore. Retired 1995. Survivors: Ernestine (Huber) Schmidt; sons: David, Joel, Daniel; daughter: Ann Hittle. Memorial Service: April 28, 2018, Oregon City, Ore.

SHACKELL, MAURICE GILBERT REV., Jan. 2, 1931, Detroit, Mich., to April 2, 2018, Marshall, Mich.; son of Maurice and Kate (Finch) Shackell; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1955. Served 1955-1996. Ministries/Parishes: Grafton, Ohio; Pontiac, Detroit, Marshall, Mich. Retired 1996. Survivors: Carol (Deierlein) Shackell; son: Daniel; daughter: Julie Taylor. Funeral: April 5, 2018, Battle Creek, Mich.; Interment: April 5, 2018, Marshall, Mich.

SCHNELLE, ELMER LOREN REV., Aug. 24, 1926, Lockwood, Mo., to May 10, 2018, Lockwood, Mo.; son of William and Electa (Haubein) Schnelle; graduated Springfield Seminary 1949.  Served 1949-1977, 1980-1992.  Ministries/Parishes: Bath, Lincoln, Mason City, New Holland, Ill.; Alexander, Avilla, Ark.; Springfield, Bolivar, Kimberling City, Mo.; Missouri District Circuit Visitor 1990-1992.  Retired 1992.  Preceded in death by his wife Ruth (Guy) Schnelle and daughter Lisa Ingram.  Survivors: sons: David, Mark; daughter: Janice Mettlach.  Funeral: May 16, 2018, Lockwood, Mo.; Interment: May 16, 2018, Meinert, Mo.

STEINBACH, ALAN HENRY REV., Aug. 5, 1930, St. Louis, Mo., to April 9, 2018, Richmond, Va.; son of John and Erna (Gieselman) Steinbach; Colloquy 1988. Served 1988-1998. Ministry/Parish: St. Louis, Mo. Retired 1998. Preceded in death by his wife Ruth (Wischmeier) Steinbach. Survivors: son: Steven; daughter: Carol Sperry. Funeral and Interment: April 13, 2018, Richmond, Va.

TEGELER, DEAN ELTON REV., Dec. 10, 1928, Battle Creek, Neb., to Aug. 25, 2017, Hingham, Mass.; son of Walter and Caroline (Praeuner) Tegeler; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1954.  Served 1954-2003.  Ministries/Parishes: Columbia, S.C.; South Weymouth, Hanover, Scituate, Mass.; Southeastern District Circuit Visitor 1957-1960; New England District Circuit Visitor 1963-1967, 1997-2000, 2000-2003.  Retired 2003.  Survivors: Marie (Delventhal) Tegeler; sons: Philip, David; daughter: Christine Beneman.  Memorial Service: Sept. 9, 2017, Hingham, Mass.

THOMAS, RAYMOND K. REV., Nov. 21, 1933, Sidney, Neb., to April 22, 2018, Jackson, Mich.; son of Arno and Minnie (Radziong) Thomas; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1959.  Served 1959-1994.  Ministries/Parishes: Hardin, St. Xavier, Custer, Yellowtail, Miles City, Angela, Mont.; Fargo, N.D.; Denver, Colo.  Retired 1994.  Survivors: Dorothy (Geffert) Thomas; sons: Gregory, Randall, Mark; daughter: Julie Smith.  Funeral: April 28, 2018, Jackson, Mich.

WACKLER, JOHN VERNON REV., Sept. 19, 1928, Howard Lake, Minn., to March 3, 2018, Ardmore, Okla.; son of Edmond and Frances (Stoppelmann) Wackler; graduated Springfield Seminary 1954.  Served 1954-1993.  Ministries/Parishes: Ardmore, Sulphur, Okla.  Retired 1993.  Survivors: Dorothy (Weeks) Wackler; sons: John, Ted; daughter: Julie Maher.  Funeral: March 7, 2018, Ardmore, Okla.

WINGFIELD, ALBERT BERTON REV., June 21, 1933, Morrilton, Ark., to May 16, 2018, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; son of Albert and Bertha (Gottberg) Wingfield; colloquy 1983.  Served 1983-2015.  Ministries/Parishes: Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Concordia, Mo.; Detroit, Mich.  Survivors: Marjorie (Bishop) Wingfield; sons: Robert, Phillip; daughters: Linda Krohn, Judy Thomas, Carol Oetting, Rebecca Marquart.  Funeral and Interment: May 21, 2018, Ft. Wayne, Ind.


AHLBRAND, SHIRLEY A. (Hobson), Sept. 8, 1938, Columbus, Ind., to April 4, 2018, Indianapolis, Ind.; daughter of Richard and Gladys (Baute) Hobson; graduated River Forest 1960. Served 1973-2005. Schools/Ministries: Seymour, Indianapolis, Ind.; Long Beach, Calif. Retired 2005. Preceded in death by her husband Philip Ahlbrand. Survivors: sons: Brian, Alan, Jay. Funeral: April 9, 2018, Indianapolis, Ind. Interment: April 9, 2018, Seymour, Ind.

LOTHIAN, JOAN CAROL, May 25, 1935, to Aug. 11, 2017; Colloquy 1994. Served 1994-2000. School/Ministry: Orange, Calif. Retired 2000. Funeral: Aug. 26, 2017, Costa Mesa, Calif. Interment: Aug. 29, 2017, Riverside, Calif.

SCHILLING, RAYMOND LEON, March 8, 1933, Lockwood, Mo., to May 5, 2018 Fraser, Mich.; son of William and Dora (Eggerman) Schilling; graduated River Forest 1955.  Served 1955-1995. Schools/ Ministries: Melrose Park, Chicago, Ill.  Retired 1995.  Survivors: Lucille (Holtzen) Schilling; sons: Timothy, Dan, James; daughter: Doris August.  Memorial Service: May 19, 2018, Fraser, Mich. Interment: Meinert, Mo.

VARNER, ROGER VAUGHN, Oct. 15, 1936, Seward, Neb., to Feb. 23, 2018; son of Lester and Olga (Henriksen) Varner; graduated Seward 1958. Served 1958-1997. Schools/Ministries: Columbia, S.D.; Libby, Mont.; Minneapolis, Baxter, Minn.; Williamsburg, Iowa; Linn, Kan. Retired 2002. Survivors: Jane (Luebbe) Varner; sons: Mark, Jonathan. Funeral and Interment: March 2, 2018, Seward, Neb.

WEGENER, KENNETH LOUIS, Aug. 25, 1946, New Orleans, La., to April 14, 2018, Metairie, La.; son of Martin and Elizabeth (Oppermann) Wegener; graduated River Forest 1969.  Served 1969-2008.  Schools/Ministries: Dallas, Texas; New Orleans, La.  Retired 2008.  Funeral: April 21, 2018, New Orleans, La.

WILLIAMS, ROSEMARY A. (HOLMEIDE), Dec. 2, 1940, Oak Park, Ill., to May 15, 2018, White Hall, Ill.; daughter of Peter and Myrtle (Haneman) Holmeide; graduated River Forest 1991.. Served 1991-2007. School/Ministry: Belleville, Ill. Retired 2007. Preceded in death by her husband Terry Williams. Survivors: daughters: Ellen Clemens, Carol Thaxton.  Funeral and Interment: May 18, 2018, Carrollton, Ill.

WURM, JANICE KAY (KAMENSKE), April 26, 1939, Chicago, Ill., to May 7, 2018, Waupaca, Wis., daughter of Edward and Adeline (Bonow) Kamenske; graduated Seward 1964.  Served 1979-2007.  Schools/Ministries: Plymouth, Glenbeulah, Elm Grove, Wis.  Retired 2007.  Preceded in death by her daughter Roxanna. Survivors: Rev. William Wurm; son: Rev. Matthew; daughter Roxanne Taggatz; step-sons: Ronald, Russell, Robert. Funeral: May 12, 2018, Sheboygan, Wis.; Interment: May 12, 2018, Greenbush, Wis.


Source: LCMS News