December ‘Lutheran Witness’ celebrates — and possibly ruins? — Christmas

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What does it mean to say that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”?

This great mystery and “miracle supreme” is the golden thread that runs through the Christmas 2018 issue of The Lutheran Witness. Some articles celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ; others explore the theological mystery of human embodiment.

Several do both at once, providing a rich feast of reflection on the Incarnation.

Highlights include the provocatively titled “When Jesus Ruins Christmas,” in which the Rev. Merritt Demski pointedly asks, “How much less cosmically awe-inspiring are [gingerbread and lawn ornaments] than the event they purportedly celebrate? How often do they serve not to ornament our celebration of Christ’s birth but distract us from it?”

With festive extras, including a Lutheran gift guide, a Christmas hymn from Stephen Starke and a reproducible coloring page drawn from the text of John 1:18, this issue will help readers better understand and appreciate the true “reason for the season.”

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Posted Nov. 29, 2018

Source: LCMS News