Church workers and spouses invited to participate in online wellness focus groups

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Last year, nearly 1,000 LCMS church workers and their spouses took part in a Synod-wide survey on church-worker well-being.

The survey results both highlighted the wellness needs of workers and their families and led to more questions.

Director of LCMS Specialized Pastoral Ministry Rev. Joel Hempel, who is overseeing the administration of LCMS worker wellness under the direction of Office of National Mission Executive Director Rev. Robert Zagore, is asking for help answering those questions.

Hempel explains: “By God’s grace, church workers are privileged to serve as ministers of the Gospel. But they can wear down like anyone else.

“The relentless demands of ministry, personal struggles and family tensions can cause workers to question their call, make poor decisions or act in ways they will later regret. What is not always clear is how we as a church body can be more supportive and helpful. We need wisdom and experience from the front lines of ministry in the form of unfiltered and frank input from fellow workers.”

An opportunity to provide such input is available in a series of upcoming online focus groups designed to delve into the issues surrounding worker well-being.

By sharing experiences, thoughts and concerns, workers and their spouses can provide valuable insights that are crucial to developing resources and identifying solutions to help improve the personal and professional lives of workers and their families throughout the Synod.

If you are an LCMS church worker or church-worker spouse, please consider participating in one of the two-hour online focus groups.

All workers — pastors, teachers, directors of Christian education, musicians and others — are invited, as are their spouses.

Any feedback provided will remain confidential, will be reported only in summary form, and will positively impact the well-being of workers and their families for years to come.

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Posted Oct. 2, 2018

Source: LCMS News