Candidates announced for LCMS president, vice-presidents

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The nominees for Synod president are, from left, Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, incumbent; Rev. Dr. David P.E. Maier, president of the LCMS Michigan District; and Rev. Timothy Klinkenberg, senior pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Orange, Calif.

LCMS Secretary Rev. Dr. John W. Sias has announced the names of the nominees for the Synod president, first vice-president and five regional vice-presidents.

The election for president will take place via internet balloting four weeks before the 67th Regular Convention of the LCMS, set for July 20–25 in Tampa, Fla. The vice-presidents will be elected at the convention.

Those named on the ballots are the Synod clergymen who received the most nominations from LCMS congregations, and who have agreed to serve, if elected.

Each congregation could nominate two ordained LCMS clergymen for president, two for first vice-president and two (residing within the congregation’s region) for regional vice-president.

The three candidates for president, in the order of nominations received, are:

  • Matthew C. Harrison, the incumbent Synod president, 1181 nominations.
  • David P. E. Maier, president of the LCMS Michigan District, 947 nominations.
  • Timothy M. Klinkenberg, senior pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Orange, Calif., 638 nominations.

Pastoral and lay voters validly registered by the congregations and parishes of the Synod (Bylaw before the March 24 deadline, or their substitutes (as validly submitted before June 15), will serve as the voters for this election, with its results to be announced at least two weeks prior to the convention.

No opportunity will be provided to add names to the slate of candidates listed above.

The names on the list of 20 candidates from which the president-elect will compose the ballot for first vice-president are the following, also in the order of nominations received:

  • John C. Wille, 457
  • Peter K. Lange, 436
  • Scott C. Sailer, 342
  • John R. Denninger, 273
  • Jacob A. O. Preus III, 272
  • Paul A. Linnemann, 234
  • Derek G. Lecakes, 197
  • Lawrence R. Rast Jr., 81
  • Timothy M. Klinkenberg, 76
  • Scott R. Murray, 73
  • Clint K. Poppe, 43
  • Christopher S. Esget, 23
  • John C. Wohlrabe Jr., 23
  • Nabil S. Nour, 22
  • Daniel L. Gard, 9
  • David A. Floyd, 7
  • Jamison J. Hardy, 7
  • Scott K. Seidler, 6
  • Benjamin T. Ball, 5
  • Dien A. Taylor, 5

Of those receiving the highest number of nominating votes for the offices of regional vice-presidents two through six, the following candidates have given their consent to serve if elected:


  • Benjamin T. Ball, 160
  • Daniel P. May, 85
  • Scott K. Seidler, 81
  • Tyler C. Arnold, 17
  • David R. Nehrenz, 6


  • Christopher S. Esget, 128
  • Jon T. Diefenthaler, 110
  • James Wiggins Jr., 82
  • Kurtis D. Schultz, 73
  • Jeffrey E. Skopak, 68


  • John C. Wohlrabe Jr., 204
  • Randolph H. Raasch, 99
  • Byrene K. (Keith) Haney, 90
  • Matthew W. Rueger, 11
  • Peter C. Bender, 6


  • Nabil S. Nour, 272
  • Dean W. Nadasdy, 60
  • William G. Utech, 51
  • Clint K. Poppe, 20
  • Paul J Cain Jr., 9


  • Larry A. Stoterau, 134
  • Robert D. Newton, 129
  • Scott R. Murray, 127
  • Timothy D. Runtsch, 109
  • Kenneth M. (Ken) Hennings, 89

For the election of first vice-president, the ballot will comprise five candidates selected by the president-elect from the vice-presidential list of 20 candidates. At least two of those must be among the top five nominees.

The election of regional vice-presidents will follow the order and process required by the Bylaws of the Synod (Bylaw

No opportunity will be provided for additional nominations from the floor of the convention for the elections of either the first vice-president or the regional vice-presidents.

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Posted March 12, 2019

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